Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Drill ~ Preparing For The Curse

That's one humongous drill shown here in a horizontal position hovering ove the police car. That's my house on the left. Fortunately the decision was made to put the poles opn the other side of Fourteenth Avenue rather than right outside of my bedroom window. Fortunate for me, but not the good folks on the right who get their shade from the ancient ficus tree.

A couple of days later the arborists came by and trimmed some major branches off of that old ficus. They left quite a bit of canopy on the house side of the tree, so most of the day my neighbors still get the shade. Now the neighbors are wondering whether or not the lopsided weight of the remaining branches might increase the chances of the tree toppling over when it's subjected to the high winds of the next hurricane. Of course it'll topple right onto their house. They're just thrilled!


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