Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Conference ~ Solving The World's Problems

Doug manages an apartment building and a block of warehouses, and he actually owns a truck, but he goes everyplace on his bicycle. There's not a tooth in his mouth but that doesn't stop him from eating a bagel with his morning coffee. I suspect that his wardrobe is culled from what gets left behind when a tenant skips out on his overdue rent. He doesn't smoke. He's in his mid seventies, but between doing maintainance at the apartments and the warehouse, and riding a few dozen miles a day on his bike, he's in fantastic shape. He always reads the New York Times, his morning ritual.

Peter is from the Czech Republic and is satisfied with getting his news out of the Miami Herald. In his early sixties, he gets his excersize on the tennis courts most every morning ,and he gets in a major funk on those days when the weather is such that tennis just isn't in the cards. He's always dressed in expensive designer clothes, although on occasion he'll brag that he got such a good deal on some $200 shirts that he bought six of them! I don't have a clue as to what they talk about, but on the days they both get to Starbucks at the same time the newspapers sit unread and Doug tries to stay upwind as Peter lights one cigarette right after another. They always manage to find something to talk about.


Anonymous robhall said...

hi Al - Love your blog - it´s my good-night lecture every day - not to short and not to long and always a good thought about general things ... just relaxed.

Self portraits etc.. with the WideHeliar are true fun - also love it for the contrast ...

Do you remember the guy with the cigar on photo.net - there is is again ...

All the best to you and keep them comming.
From Munich


4:04 PM  

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