Friday, April 18, 2008

PivotPoints ~ Part 1 / The Opening

It was March 26th and North Miami's Museum Of Contemporary Art, usually called MOCA, was having the opening of a show of "Major Works" from their own collection. The show was named PivotPoints ~ Part 1. I'd received an invitation in the mail plus several emails inviting me to attend. And why not? It seemed like a good opportunity to check up on what's happening in the art world, run into people I rarely see, meet new people, and then visit North Miami's other Starbucks half a block away.

I was stopped at the front desk. "No Cameras!" I was told. I said that I was a member, North Miami resident for over fifty years, and had attended other events there carrying a camera with no problem. After a bit of back-and-forth, and speaking with a gentleman of a bit more authority, they decided that The Price of Silver was considered a "publication" by twenty-first century standards and I was allowed to enter and given a press badge to wear. I suppose the badge was to let the public know that I was "official" and they couldn't have cameras. Still, I saw several folks who looked more like they were taking photos with their cell phones than checking with the baby sitter.

MOCA's official photographerb (above) kept busy scurrying around shooting groups of smiling people as well as some overall shots whenever he could compose something that could pass for a crowd. I guess the photos will appear in a future newsletter. I hope they use one where I appear in the picture. Publicity never hurts! If you want to check out what's currently on exhibit go to .

The city also has frequent outdoor concerts in the plaza in front of the museum (and next to Starbucks) called Jazz At Moca, featuring some great groups. Sit on the downwind side if you want to smoke, but at least you CAN smoke. Stick to tobacco though. You'll hear lots of people waxing nostalgic about about what we used to smoke at the rock concerts in nearby East Greynolds Park back in the 60's, but the police station is right next to MOCA, visible behind the portable stage. Oh well...we still have our memories.


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