Sunday, July 20, 2008

Technical Difficulties :-(

For several years now Todd Frederick has been scanning my photos and posting them on the blog. Then I write the headline and copy and insert it. My ladyfriend Robin, a lot more into computer type stuff than I am, got the brilliant idea that I needed to own a scanner/printer combo. Just about the time when I was starting to get in the swing of things she left town for a few weeks. Without her looking over my shoulder I managed to do something to screw things up. It's not "problems with our servor" or whatever. It's pure and simple, problems with my trying to do too much new stuff to soon. Todd is encouraging me to muddle through it, learn by doing.

I keep shooting new photos, and there are at least 175,000 black and white negatives and color transparencies in my files. It's just that until I get this computer/scanner mess mastered I can't seem to get anything properly posted. What I might do is pick out some pictures, write up the stories and post them on the blog, and then post the photos when Robin gets back here. That way I can keep up the momentum and continuity of The Price of Silver for the time being.

There will be a lot more of my old black and white (and a few old color) photos going back to the 1960's. For the past year or so I drifted into shooting stuff for the blog in color. The old black and white stuff goes with some interesting stories. Keep checking back and we'll soon have this place operational once more. Thanks.


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