Friday, July 11, 2008

Opa-Locka, Highest Violent Crime Rate In The United States?,_Florida will tell you all about the place. Just click on the link and you'll find out the history, the people, and the crime. Actually, where I'm standing is only about 6 miles due west of my house in North Miami. I've visited Opa-Locka many times over the years on assignments, or just wandering around photographing the buildings. I've never run into any situations where I felt threatened. I've had offers to buy drugs and I've had offers from some very sexy looking young ladies to purchase more personal things, but a friendly "no thank you" or "sorry, not today" seems to work just fine.

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Blogger alvininnaples said...

I remember the iron sign on 135St. before the S curve as you entered Opalocka saying (Welcome to Opalocka) and someone put a sign under it saying (Give me your wallet)

11:35 AM  

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