Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The All Night Hangout ~ No More

I was on 167th St. in North Miami Beach when I decided I was hungry and had a hankering for breakfast type fare. The Ham & Eggery had been an institution since 1970 or maybe a bit earlier. It was a 24 hour place serving mostly ham, bacon, and eggs with hash brownes or grits, and some pretty decent pancakes and waffles too. The coffee was too strong but usually fresh.

Many nights after a concert, or just with a bunch of friends, I'd go there in the middle of the night. Well, here it was early afternoon. There was that white van, the only vehicle in the lot until my red truck showed up. No lights on inside and the door was locked. The place looked deserted. I'd sure like to see it reopen but I'm pretty sure that a combination of the changing demographics in the area, together with a fear of crime, means that it'll never again be what it once was. I headed on down the street and had coffee and donuts instead.

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Anonymous Dee said...

Oh no! Is it closing down? was there a fire or something?

This is one of those south Florida institutions that I remember so clearly. many, MANY middle of the night, after partying, breakfasts were eaten there.


11:46 AM  

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