Monday, June 30, 2008

She's given away too many pieces of her mind...

Back when North Miami's Museum of Contemporary Art was still in the planning stage Alexis had the foresight to rent a storefront directly across the street and open the Lunastar Cafe. It's very much your traditional bohemian type coffee house, with art exhibits on the walls, live music, mostly folk and blues, on weekends, and a light menu of delicacies to go with the usual assortment of coffees and teas. She's also managed to harangue the city council into giving her first a license to sell wine and then beer also. She even succeeded in getting them to allow tables and chairs on the sidewalk out front.

Well, some art galleries moved into some of the stores on the block. MOCA, the art museum, opened across the street, and the city not only paved the sidewalks with brick but created a brick plaza where the street had been in front of the museum. Now the city has outdoor Jazz and Rock concerts on weekend nights, but they don't run late. People want a place they can go to afterwards. From where they'rs sitting they can see the Lunastar beckoning. The one fly in the ointment is that Starbucks opened a place across from the Lunastar also. Still, it lacks the atmosphere. All the nearby activity means that there are more than enough people to go around. Alexis still likes going to city council meetings. Generous to a fault, she'll give a piece of her mind to anybody who'll sit still long enough.

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