Thursday, June 19, 2008

It was the NEW TIRE STORE 40 years ago!

Nearly forty years ago I was the photographer at the North Dade Journal newspaper and our office was a couple of blocks up West Dixie Highway from where they were building this tire store. Marilyn, the cute young blond woman who was our advertising sales person was all excited. Goodyear was a big company with money to spend and was going to start an advertizing blitz to get the store up and running. She was going to make some big comissions!

Over the years they've kept up the new looking appearance of the building, but in addition to selling tires and fixing flats they've gradualy expanded into a full auto repair shop as well as a good place for a fast oil change. A few years later a brand new Publix Supermarket opened a block away. The North Dade Journal got folded into the Miami Herald as the twice a week Neighbors section. The local newspaper office was no more. I have no idea what ever happened to Marilyn.

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