Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Can Tony Roma Kill A Fishing Club?

This is the South Florida Fishing Club, or at least what tattered remnants remain of it. One guy, a relatively new member, pounded the nail in the coffin when he said that he didn't want to be in the club if we didn't meet at Tony Roma's on Collins Ave. in Sunny Isles Beach. Does he get a kick-back? The membership had already dwindledto the point of iffy viability.

The restaurant does have a nice private meeting room, but traffic during high season in Sunny Isles Beach is absolute gridlock at times. The valet parking isn't mandatory, but they give you a dirty look if you park yourself and it's a big hike from the back of the lot. The food is mostly barbeque, and they're noted for their ribs, but for what it is it's expensive.

Little by little the guys with smaller boats dropped out as club tournaments became less a days fishing within a dozen miles of the launching ramp and more a long weekend at a top hotel in Acapulco using a charter boat. The kids division dissapeared, along with the moderate income anglers that had formed the backbone of the club for years. Just a bunch of rich grandpas sitting around bitching about how much the marina charges for a hundred gallons of fuel. They can keep their damned club!

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