Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Suddenly Everybody's a Smoker

OK, I smoke. I smoke cigarettes. I admit it! Everybody is always getting on my case about it, chewing me out, telling me how bad it is for my health and so on. But I still smoke. I remind them of research, legitimate medical research as reported in medical journals, showing that nicotine enhances cognitive abilities and delays the onset of Alzheimers. It also appears that the tobacco smoke gives your lung tissue the equivalent of a sun tan, protecting it from getting "burned' from exposure to the more harmful pollutants found in the air.

Years ago I ran across an article in a medical journal suggesting that it was better to smoke full strength unfiltered cigarettes. We're going to smoke until we satisfy our nicotine craving and we can do that faster and easier with an unfiltered Camel and get less of the harmful crap in the process.

It's getting difficult to find unfiltered cigarettes these days. I started rolling my own. A can of Bugler tobacco, which has a very similar Turkish blend to the tobacco in Camels, cost me about $13.00 and makes about 11 packs of cigarettes, which is a BIG savings! For about $10.00 each I've bought two snazzy 1920's vintage art deco silver cigarette cases at antique shops. One is sterling and marked Tiffany. I'm not sure if the other is sterling, but it tarnishes like silver and it has no makers' mark on it.

They both attract attention and a lot of non-smokers want to look at them, ask me if I use a machine to roll them (no), and invariably want to try one. It's simply amazing how many non-smokers will use that as an excuse to cadge a smoke, and then have the nerve to do it every time you run into them. It must be the need for nicotine to enhance their cognitive abilities.

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