Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Look How Beautiful

I guess that you could say that we're old friends, me and Dr. Howard G. Rosenberg, D.D.S., after using him as my dentist for about forty years. I was almost finished with the most recent round of getting my teeth in order, and we talked about what the kids were up to these days, joked about when he insisted that he wasn't a pediatric dentist years ago but agreed to work on my kids "if they behaved", but we recently concluded that he was the kid because I'm a few months older than he is.

Here we're checking out how my new lower partial feels and looks. When he did the impressions a few days before he'd said "Here, why don't you drop these by the dental lab. The lab guy won't pick them up until this evening, and this way he can get started on the partial sooner. As long as you're going you could give him these too" as he handed me a bag. A couple of days later his wife Maura called with a "Doc (she always calls him "Doc") said the lab has your partial ready. Would you mind picking it up? Then he can squeeze you in about two if you're available." I doubt if he has any other patients he'd try that with.

A tiny bit of "adjustments" in the way of grinding off a bit of the plastic were needed. They still were a bit uncomfortable, but I knew that if Howard ground off too much they'd be too loose, and my mouth would soon get used to them anyway. Best to put up with the intitial discomfort and have a good fit later. I still had to go back in a few days for a tiny filling and he could always fine-tune things at that point.

They looked great and felt OK. Now a few weeks later they feel just great. This was a strange photo to take. I was trying to get the mirror to rflect his light onto my mouth area, but that meant that my view in the mirror was elsewhere and I couldn't see my face and what the light was illuminating. This was very much a b'guess & b'gosh shot both for the composition and for the lighting.

I headed around the corner to Jimmy's Place. It was time to try out the new teeth on a corned beef and rye. I could bite and chew again!

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