Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good For Thirty More Years!

That's what I'm hoping for, anyway. Here's part of the office staff at my doctor's office. He's part of a group practice. Sole practioners are so passe these days. It requires a staff just to hassle with all the paperwork connected with dealing with HMO's and Medicare. I like the Medicare thing, Uncle Sam paying for my medical care. On the other hand it makes you wonder if there's any money left for the doctor after trying to pay the staff from the negotiated low rates the HMO will pay. I told my doc that as long as the magazines are new and the coffee pot full of fresh coffee (and he doesn't keep me waiting too long) I'll come in for a visit whenever he can think of an excuse to examine me. We both come out ahead and I get to flirt with these smiling young ladies. As for my health? Everything looks good! "Thirty more years" he said. I wondered what that cute young lady on the left will look like in thirty years. I wondered if I'll even still care.

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