Sunday, May 25, 2008

That Time Of Year Again

Today is Memorial Day, and North Miami did its usual thing with precision drill teams of high school kids, patriotic songs, and the inevitable speeches from our local politicions. We've even gone back to risking the wrath of the Supreme Court with a bit of prayer. Mayor Kevin Burns, Counsilwoman Marie Erlande Steril, and Councilman Scott Galvin were out of town so the speeches segment was shorter than normal.

Actually this photo was shot a couple of weeks ago at some other patriotic event. Had I thought to wear the same shirt this morning nobody reading this would likely have noticed. Since I don't shoot digital this seemed like a great way to do it. Then, heh heh, come July 4th I can use one of today's shots.

I guess maybe a hundred residents showed up on top of the people taking part in the event, a really poor showing for a city with a population estimated at 60,000, but those of us who were there went across the street to the community center for sub sandwiches, chips, cake, and Cokes. No coffee! I ate, walked around and shmoozed a bit with some folks I hadn't seen in awhile, then headed over to Starbucks.

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