Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Looking Down On The Competition

It was another one of those patriotic occasions a few weeks ago. We were honoring the memories of a couple of North Miami police officers who'd lost their lives in the line of duty. The city officials gathered on the plaza next to City Hall, with the police department building and the art museum in the background. A number of residents were there also.

Marvin works for the police department in a variety of ways, from going around to the schools and the condos, addressing them on issues of public safety and hurricane preparedness. Everytime there's a city event with a police presence he's there staring at the back of his digital camera, immortalizing the moment. He's quite a bit shorter than I am, and I was holding my camera with my arm extended straight up over my head. I wanted a photo of the cops in their dress uniforms doing a precision drill with their flags flying, and I wanted Marvin in the foreground doing his job.

The ceremonies were short and the speeches brief. We all headed inside for refreshments. Next time I see Marvin I should ask him if he has any photos that include me!

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