Sunday, June 01, 2008

...But Is It Art? It's In The Arts District

When I was a kid they didn't have cool inflated vinyl things like this to play on. Hell, vinyl had yet to be invented and "cool" still just meant somewhere between hot and cold. Now I'm just trying to figure out why "cool!" and "that's hot!" mean essentially the same thing.

Anyway, the city in its infinite wisdom had blocked off some streets and was holding a festival in the heart of what they're billing as The Arts District, and when I first spyed this over by the art museum my first reaction was that it was a welcome change from the huge metal sculptures that I usually see over there. Then I realized that it actually was a kids' toy.

So while we're discussing art I'm going to do something a bit out of the ordinary. I post a lot on internet photography forums and sometimes I get asked for advice by younger photographers (hell, it seems like they're ALL younger) so it makes me feel really good when this ends up as a true friendship and not just a brief exchange of a few emails. Jennifer Durand is one of those people. She lives in England and they seem to have different terminology for things over there. I'm assuming that a "Degree Show" is where the graduating students get to show their work. Well, she sent me a very nice email with a link to her work on her website. Please check it out. I was impressed! Here is the link :

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