Monday, June 09, 2008

Jazz at MOCA ~ The Best Seats

They're not so close that it's difficult to see up on the stage, and it's right next to the center aisle. We all got there early, supposedly just for that reason. I suspected, though, that Jeff also wanted to show off his new lady friend. When I first started dating Vivette back in '91 she and I really stood out when we went someplace together. Nice Jewish guys just weren't suppposed to be seen cavorting around town with a brown skinned beauty. These days you see all kinds of combinations, hear all sorts of accents, and often there's a kid or two that obviously isn't the guy's. Nobody cares anymore. They just accept it.

My original plan was to sit with them but I spent too much time wandering around taking pictures and shmoozing with people. A group of elderly people took up the rest of the seats in that row. They asked first at least. I ended up sitting in the back. The weather was delightful and the music superb!

Between the monthly Friday night free Jazz at MOCA concerts, and the new Saturday Night Live festivities featuring food and live music along West Dixie Highway, North Miami has become an ideal place to enjoy an inexpensive date, complete with plentiful free parking. Now I just need to get me a lady friend!

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Anonymous Jeff said...

Yes, this *was* a nice lady friend - but in the nicest of social sensibilities... the kind one makes acquaintance of during a public event such as this, then both part their own ways to return from whence they came.

Regrettably, these social moments are too few and far between... and like Al, I need to find a nice lady friend for a more regular series of dinners, dates and outings...

2:26 PM  

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