Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Boundless Energy, Where Does It Go?

I was reading the paper and drinking my coffee, lost in my thoughts, when suddenly I heard the happy shrieks of children at play. The girl in the red blouse was running in circles as the oldest boy "stalked" her, doing his best to immitate Frankenstein's gait while making low pitched grunting sounds. They just kept going around and around, never getting out of breath. Mom just stood there watching, probably feeling the same amazement that I was experiencing. After awhile either she felt rested enough, or thought that the kids had expended enough of their exuberant energy to behave while going shopping with her, and she called out to them. It took another circle or two before they slowed down their pace and walked over to Mom.

They still weren't out of breath. I suspect that Mom was as envious of all that energy as I was. It brought back memories. Memories of my kids doing the same thing and memories of the high, the mental rush it brought on way back when I was doing it. Today it would just make me concerned about giving myself a heart attack!

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