Monday, June 23, 2008

THE SOUL SNATCHERS (See? No Photo Even!)

Well, there WAS a photo here. One of the sexy young ladies over at Starbucks didn't like being in a photo on my blog. Maybe she was afraid that the guys would think that she wanted to snatch their soul? The photo had nothing to do with this text, but I used it to segue into what I wanted to write about.

The Soul Snatchers is a new book by my old friend Robert W. Morgan. We've known one another since about 1973 when we were both doing some research to see if there might be some truth behind the local Miccosukee Indian legends of a big hairy hominid, usually called a skunk ape, living in the Everglades. From time to time various people have claimed to have seen one, caught a brief glimp really, while slogging through the swamp on a hunting trip or collecting wild orchids, maybe photographing the birds. He and I both became friendly with the Tiger family ~ that's how he an I met ~ and I still stay in touch with one of the Miccosukee Indians who gave up the Everglades for living not too far from me.

I have also stayed in sporadic touch with Robert W. Morgan. He's an author and a film maker. Early next year he's hoping to start filming a new movie. It's set in the Everglades. We've been emailing back and forth about the project. He wants me to shoot the stills, and I might also get a bit part. In the meantime he's written another book, The Soul Snatchers. I'll be published and available in a few weeks. Check with your local bookseller or Amazon and pick up a copy!

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