Saturday, August 02, 2008

That Little Red Case? ~ Trading Cards Again?

I got an email from Todd this morning saying that he had plenty of images on hand to post on the blog but many of them were so similar to one another, or an entire roll was shot at one event. I've often toyed with the idea of using the same photo every day for a week and writing a different story every day. That might be a bit too boring though. Here's what I wrote back:

Just pick "interesting" photos, that's all I ask. I think that a lot of the people following the blog like the stories as much or more than the photos and I was looking at last night's shot...Crap, I still can't decide what to write!

A) write about how I still can't decide which of the following to write about...LOL.
B) write about the red card case in my hand, how it came with my fishing license and has both the K-mart and Berkley logos. Berkley makes fishing tackle.
C) write about all my hair when younger guys are going bald
D) write about that shirt, one of several Vivette bought for me shortly before we broke up. Whether I prefer the fishing shirts because of the two big pockets or do I avoid wearing these because they remind me of Vivette?
E) write about the "new" post office, dedicated by Congressman Bill Lehman in 1971 and my photographing the event because I did all of his photography
F) write about the fancy brass doored P.O. boxes at the old post office with their combination locks vs. the key locked aluminum ones here
G) how cool it would have been if they'd let us buy the doors to the old boxes, maybe even offered varnished wood boxes with the doors
H) what a pain in the ass it is to drive here compared to the old P.O., but then they built the Target store next door
I) how impossible it is to wear a yarmulke sitting up there on that unruly mop of hair
J) how one picture to the next I have a beard, then no beard, then a beard again because I hate shaving but the beard is "too" white for a good looking young dude like me

....and several others come to mind as well...


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