Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Best Bread In Town!

I stopped by Ness Konditori ~ most people just call it "the German Bakery" ~ and after chatting with Helga and her son Ray for a few minutes I bought six turnovers. Helga makes the lightest most flakey crust you can imagine! I was a little dissapointed that all she had left was guava and cheese, and two apple. I like cherry best, and next plain guava. It might seem odd that a German bakery makes turnovers with a tropical fruit filling, and guava is tropical for sure. The guava and cheese combo is a Latino favorite.

Helga was astute enough to realize that as the neighborhood changes so should she. It's a little patch of unincorporated county sanwiched between the Town of Miami Shores on the south and across the Biscayne Canal just to the north is the Village of Biscayne Park. They're both a bit more upscale than the small area of county where thre bakery is located and it shows. Code enforcement is more lax and there are a lot more unkempt weeds than bushes in the "landscaping" around the parking lot.

Still the people drive there from both north and south and you'll find everybody from teens in baggy jeans with their caps on backwards to elderly ladies in short heels and dresses, their grey hair neatly coiffed every week at the beauty shop. These kids wanted to know about my "film camera". I explained why I prefer film and gave them a card. As an after thought I bought a bag of day old rolls that were by the cash register at half price, and headed up to Starbucks to pig out on turnovers with my morning coffee.

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