Thursday, October 16, 2008

...and SOMETIMES the newspaper is boring!

Same old same old, but now that Sarah, of pregnant teeage daughter fame, is running on the Republican ticket for VP it's become FUN again. That Daddy-to-be is lucky that they all live in Alaska where the age of consent is 16. Here in Florida Sarah would have a real conundrum on her hands! Would she let him him get away with statuatory rape just because the girl is her daughter? Maybe because the kid is carrying her grandchild? Perhaps because he's promised to marry the girl?

But the law is the law. Screw an underaged girl and it's a stretch in The Big House, paying for your transgression! Shame on you, Sarah!

Can't you just picture the field day the tabloids are going to have with this if McCain wins? The paparazzi jostling for position to get the most uncute photos possible of the country's official First Bastard, while Grandma Sarah lectures all the other teenage girls about the joys of abstainance, chastity, self control, virginity...

Those girls will be beating down the doors of fundamentalist Protestant churches all all over the country, seeking salvation...from the lectures of the Vice President of the United States of America. Last I heard Alaska was still one of those fifty states united for the common good, but the rules must be different there. At least for some people!



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