Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Comments On Old Posts

Blogger notifies me when someone leaves a comment on one of the blog postings. Other people just send me an email. The email address is on the bio page when you first get on the blog. What I find so interesting is that people actually are going back through the archives and are still looking at pictures and stories from several years ago! Either way I welcome your comments, good and bad!

Following these comments I'll put my comments on the comments...LOL

N.C.Street Photography has left a new comment on your post "My Zippo's 50th Birthday Party": My uncle always carried Zippo's. after he passed & all the families were fighting over what & all. My son stated all he wanted was his zippo lighter. He got it. Al your blog is fantastic. Love reading over all the older post & looking at the photos.

My comment: Shortly after I took this photo I lost that Zippo lighter. I bought another and promptly lost that one also. I bought a third Zippo, then it too was missing. I knew that it was here in the house someplace, but that was over a year ago, and I switched to disposeables. This afternoon I was sitting on the sofa when I droppred my pen. It quickly dissapeared down next to the arm where the fabric goes down alongside the fabric covering the padded springs. I fished around with my fingers. There was lots of cat hair, and the cat had died 4 or 5 years ago. I found another ballpoint pen totally dried out, a dime, and one of those missing Zippos. When I returned home after a pleasant evening of drinking coffee, chatting with friends, and lighting my smokes with a Zippo for the first time in several years I discovered the "Zippo Comment". Strange, huh?

N.C.Street Photography has left a new comment on your post "Painted White ~ Welcome To Klan Country": Living here in N.C. for most of my life I have never seen this sign. Looking @ it now makes me wonder how such a sign could of been allowed. Like you quoted Dylan in an earlier post...times,they are a changin.cheers,gb

My comment: The world was different three or four decades ago. I remember photographing the first black student at Barry College in nearby Miami Shores, the first black cop on the North Miami Police Department. I remember little Jessica, the first black little girl in the neighborhood. Our Elena played with her but a lot of the people here wouldn't let their children play with Jessica.

That sign was there. We saw it and I knew it was something that needed to be photographed. I knew that it wouldn't be all that long before signs like that only existed in old photographs and people's memories. Now a lot of those old prejudices are thankfully gone. Some have been forced underground, buried but only hidden.

(The past couple of days I've been moderately ill, but give me time and I will write the past few days postings!

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