Saturday, October 04, 2008


Yup! This blog account was so screwed up I couldn't figure out which side was up. Fortunately I've got some great friends, some new and some going back many years. Jon and I were trying to figure out just how many years, it's been when he was in Miami a few months ago. We think that it was 1967 or 1968. What I need to do is get those boxes of negatives and contact sheets down off the shelves and spend a few hours squinting at the contacts through a magnifying glass, looking through my pix at the annual Wilson Hicks Photojournalism Conferences at the University of Miami, or from my summertime trips to visit my dad in Massachusettes and I'd stop off to visit Jon in Connecticut for a few days on the way.

Anyway, he's the computer/internet genius these days, and we spent a few hours the other night and again this evening, and now I'm back! I don't have a clue as to what or why we did what we did, but he stayed on the phone with me and walked me through it step by step.

For all of you who thought this might be health related it's not. Only the blog was sick. I'm in great shape. Monkey is sitting in his little chair in the bedroom gazing out the window while Monkette is in the truck, and I have no idea what she's doing out there. Watching the rain perhaps? They also are in great health.

Other news: I have about a dozen prints in a group show at the North Miami Public Library on N.E. 8th Ave. between 132nd and 133rd Streets. They have a dedicated room for art exhibits. The opening party was last night and the show runs through the end of October. I got an email a couple of days ago from a woman in Tampa who's putting together an audio visual presentation on Indians for a Boston based company. She'd googled Seminole Indian and came up with my name and several pictures from 1974 on the web. I have to get in the darkroom and make up some prints for her. I located the negatives this morning. It pays to have a good filing system and never ever throw anything out.

Again, thanks for hangin' in there for the last few weeks. I'm back! It might be slow going at first and I've got to get better at scanning if photos will be a regular feature again, and they will be! Congratulatory emails are flooding my mail box:

The oddest thig was that for the past year or two Yahoo! rated this blog about number 72 for traffic out of all the blogs on the internet, and suddenly it's moved up to number 65. I don't expect to get to number one. This isn't an all consuming passion. I want to have a life! But I take pride in turning out a good product.

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Anonymous Chris Middleton said...

Al, I've followed your blog for a while and I feared it was a "health thing." However, your steady posts on Rangefinder Forum made me think otherwise. Glad I was right!

2:52 PM  
Blogger Barb said...

Glad to have you back!

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al, glad those ciggy's have not done you in. Yet. Glad to read your posts all the time.

Vladimir Oleynik, Moscow, Russia

4:44 PM  

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