Friday, August 29, 2008

Queen Of The Hill

It's been over fifty years since I first went to Greynolds Park. The "Castle" was already there on top of the small hill. Word was thet the dredge used to make the ponds was buried under that mound of dirt, but that might have been just talk . Well, it is a nice high place, something rare in South Florida except for tall buildings. When the park was created there were no tall buildings around.

Monkette talked me into coming to the first love-in at Greynolds Park in forty years! When she spotted the castle up on the hill she just had to check it out! Then we went back down, listened to some music, and checked out the food. Life isn't fair. I got to do all the walking, all the the hill climbing with Monkette riding on my shoulder, plus pay for the munchies as well, but I guess that's as it should be. I'm not the Queen Of The Hill.

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