Friday, August 22, 2008

Just Waiting For A Minor Adjustment

I was wasting a bit of time here while waiting for the dentist to see me. I'd already read the collection of magazines on the table years ago! I figure that I'd document the waiting room decor while I was waiting. It was really quite avant garde (in itself a just SO sixties expression!) when I first met Howard G. Rosenburg, D.D.S. forty years ago. We're about the same age. Actually I think we decided that I'm close to a year older. He was just setting up his practice when I met him. One of the topics of our conversation was just how much longer he'd keep the practice. He asured me that he wasn't planning on retiring quite yet. Good to know!

The reason for this visit was to get my new bridge "adjusted" so it'd stop digging into my gum. I had to get the new bridge because I'd recently had a couple of teeth extracted, and I look so much better without that huge gap in the front! I was soon out of there, the discomfort gone! In case you missed the shot of me in unendurable agony as Howard pryed and pulled on one of those teeth, an evil glint in his eye and a sardonic grin on his face, here it is:


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