Friday, August 15, 2008

It Was A Good Old Fashioned Love-In At Greynold's Park ~ At Least Monkette Scored A Kiss!

Monkette had heard about the love-ins at Greynold's Park and she thought it was pretty cool that big name rock groups would throw free Sunday afternoon outdoor concerts after a gotta-buy-a-ticket Saturday night indoor concert someplace. But that was the 60's. This was now. Then Harryette's email arrived telling us about an upcoming love-in at Greynold's Park.

Monkette was all excited, talking about nothing else for days and days. Driving me crazy, really! It turned out that Harryette (her actual name! For real! Honest!) had broken her foot a few days before. I offered to drive out west of Hollywood and pick her up but she said that it hurt too much. It would be too difficult and painful to hobble around.

Monkette and I went anyway. She was sitting on my left shoulder when she started pointing excitedly and pulling on my ear. She'd never before seen any kind of parrot, and suddenly there was this handsome yellow and blue macaw giving her the eye, looking her up and down, fluffing his feathers a bit. He was speaking softly. I have no idea what he was saying, but suddenly she jumped over to him and they nuzzled and kissed a bit. They exchanged phone numbers, but so far he hasn't called and Monkette feels out of place, being a girl and all that, calling him.

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