Monday, September 01, 2008

Dreams Of Interama ~ The Fantasy That Failed

I'm still trying to decide whether to just write a straight piece about Interama, the failed project in the drawing, use it to make a point about failed projects of that sort in general, or go on another tack about how many projects of this sort are expected to fail from the beginning but funnel a lot of public monies into the pockets of those who came up with the idea, did the design work and promotion, etc. The project might have failed but the money flowed.

The second failed project for that same property was Munisport, and I was one of those who made some money taking lots of pix on the ground and from a helicopter of the property over a several year span. The only real need to keep the project going for several years was to get federal, state, and local tax dollars flowing into a few rich guys' pockets.

Now the land has the North Miami campus of Florida International University, a state park and mangrove preserve, and a few acres of new condo buildings. That's a lot better than wall to wall solid condos like some people planned when Interama bit the dust.

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