Sunday, August 31, 2008

So Why Don't They Make Camera Bags?

Yesterday I had lunch with my old friend Flo Tiger and her step-son Rob. She' handling a new line of lady's handbags that have an interchangeable outer shell or cover that's available in half a jillion colors and patterns, but you don't have to buy the entire bag if you want to change the color. The outer shell comes off and you can buy the bag with more than one cover, and the more you buy the better the deal!

Their web site is complete with loads of color pictures, and Flo's email is . You can reach her by phone at 305-607-7503

If only we could convince the company to make camera bags like that complete with matching camera straps. Hell, why not matching neck ties for that matter? Why should the ladies have all the fun?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al, when you going to stop smoking? I worry for your lungs, man. I want you to be blogging for a very long time to come. Nothing worse then tumors on the membrane, emphasema and such. Have a blessed day! :-)

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Daylin said...

I already have nice camera bag which got from Calumet...

3:56 AM  

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