Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Loraine J. Rice ~ Actress - Model

Talent Enterprises was a local talent agency owned by Ruth Foreman. It would be another ten years or so before Miam Vice really put North Miami's motion picture and television prodection facilities on the map but Ivan Tors Studios had buit a huge sound stage, another one was about a mile away, and we had movie equipment rental companies an recording studios, even a film lab.
That all meant that a lot of folks had dreams of becoming a star! They'd sign with a talent agency and then have to get a composite with a bunch of photographs showing them in various outfits and locations. I was one of the photographers Ruth Foreman used to refer them to. Lorraine had hers made up at a print shop, an accordian fold affair comprising six pages. Most weren't nearly as fancy.
Along the way I picked up a couple of bit parts but my movie career went noplace. Very few ever do.

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