Monday, January 26, 2009

Always The Well Dressed Gentleman

I ran across these school photos of my son Jonathan. They were from one of those 8x10 sheets with a whole bunch of small photos that you had to cut apart yourself. These two were never cut apart. There was no date on them, but he looks like he was in kindergarten or perhaps first grade at ther time. The big mystery is what's with the tuxedo? Boys that age usually hate getting dressed up, and fewer still have a tux, formal shirt, and bow tie at the ready in their closet. Hell most grown men hate wearing a tux!
I'm guessing here, but it might have been for one of his aunt's or uncle's weddings, and with the school pictures being taken shortly before or afterwards he just decided to go the whole nine yards and be the only kid in the class photo dressed like a true gentleman. He's still like that!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That looks like the crazy kid from Mad Magazine.

3:26 AM  

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