Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Walking North From Jewfish Creek

Jewfish Creek seperates Key Largo from the southern tip of the Florida "mainland", although back about 1970, when this photo was taken, "mainland" included about a thirty mile stretch south of Florida City where the high and dry was only this narrow piece of filled land containing U.S. 1, and on both sides was mangrove swamp. Those trees in the background are black mangroves and they grow in shallow salt or brackish water, not on real land.
A few miles north of Jewfish Creek there was this bend in the road. In this shot we're looking more or less south, I'm walking north. I've been trying to remember who shot this, but I'm betting on Jon Sinish because because my wife Stephanie would have had to get on her knees to get that low angle point of view while Jon could probably manage it by standing on tip-toe.
I still have that belt buckle! I should probably get another belt blank and start wearing it again. It'll go nicely with my hair now that I'm letting it grow back after all those years.
I'm not sure what camera/lens I have in my hand, nor what camera/lens was used to take the photo. For some stupid reason I remember that the jeans were brown and that the shirt was light beige with fine brown stripes.

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