Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2009 ~ Off To A Slow Start

I've got a bunch of B&W prints I made that need to be scanned, and I've got a few that are too big to be scanned without doing sections and "stitching" the sections back together. That's beyond my abilities! I got a flash of inspiration! I figured that for posing on the blog I didn't need the ultimate in resolution. I copied them and made some small prints. When you see them you'll understand why I couldn't just make smaller prints from the original negatives. They're one of a kind!
I also dug out some old published work from years ago, and from decades ago I found some of my dad's pen & ink sketches from when he attended art school in Boston circa 1937, along with a charcoal portrait of him done by one of his classmates. Again, I copied them. It'll be no trouble scanning the small prints and posting them.
The plan is for Flo Tiger to come over, tomorrow afternoon most likely, and give me another lesson in scanning, posting, making minor corrections, etc ~ all the stuff that every fifteen year old kid knows how do do, but I sure don't! I already have a pile of images picked out to scan, and in my head at least, the stories are already written.
I hope that everybody is healthy and having a good New Year so far. The Price Of Silver is back!


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