Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back When I Had A Fence ~ Circa 1970

Yup, the front yard used to have that fence around it. An idiot in a black pick-up truck ran through it a few months ago. I decided not to replace it. I can't remember what happened to that young tree but it's been gone for years now.My wife Stephanie probably shot this back around 1970 with her Leica III-f and a 50mm f/1.8 Canon lens to show the world my new Greek fisherman's cap, a navy blue twill cap with a short brim. I still have the cap and wear it on occasion.
The beard has come and gone dozen times over the years, I still have that huge brass belt buckle but the belt long ago started cracking, then tearing, until it was at last discarded.
Two things that haven't changed are the cigarette in my hand and the grass that should have been mowed two weeks ago. The city was less strict in their code enforcement efforts back then and about the only thing that motivated me on rare occasions to crank up the mower was my wife's kvetching. I still hate mowing, but now I pay one of the neighborhood kids to do it.

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