Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not So Still Life? Another Wedding Adventure?

I first "met" Danielle a few years ago over at the Photo.Net Wedding Forum (or maybe it was their Leica Forum?) before I got completely banned from Photo.Net forever, accused of becoming a cult figure simply because I was being helpful in sharing my photographic knowledge and wrote some interesting but true stories to illustrate my points. I wear my banning with pride!

Danielle was seeking both photographic and business advice as she tried to build up her wedding photography business. I even got Jon Sinish involved with some thoughts on advertising and promotion. Hell, even Monkette came up with a suggestion or two.

This morning as I was checking email before heading off to the annual North Miami Thanksgiving Day Parade I was assaulted by Danielle's Instant Message, we chatted for quite awhile, and Monkette and I never did get to the parade. The gist of the conversation is that she'd like to fly from her home on the left coast to Miami, "hang out" (her words) with me for a week or two, shoot a wedding or two with me, see how I work in the darkroom, all that stuff. If she's really on the ball she'd do an article for that trade mag of the wedding shooters "The Rangefinder" while she's at it. Hell I'D write the copy. Why not? Who knows me better than I do!

Anyway, her idea is that I'd shoot film, probably black and white. She'd shoot digital. Her half of the wedding fee would cover her travel expenses and Monkette just wants to get a pretty new dress out of the deal. This is all very much on the up and up, no hanky-panky, with Danielle staying in Monkette's bedroom of course. That leaves me with trying to find a wedding for us to shoot between December 25th and January 3rd where the bride and groom won't mind being featured in thepriceofsilver along with my usual tongue-in-cheek narrative, and at least a few set-up shots that would include a fifteen inch tall furry bridesmaid with a long tail. If any couples reading this, straight or gay, are interested, we can pick the date and get the ball rolling. You'll end up with a wedding album like no other, I promise!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

..brings a whole new meaning to the word "monkeysuit".

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Al thinks that's why he was banned, it brings a whole new meaning to the word "delusional".

11:53 PM  

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