Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday Night Jazz At MOCA

North Miami has been setting up the Showmobile for the very popular last-Friday-of-the-month jazz concerts for quite awhile now, but over this past summer they added weekly rock concerts to the mix. The jazz concerts mostly attract a middle age and older crowd, balding heads (sometimes sporting a ponytail), oft times the beard their mother wouldn't let the grow in college, and paunches hanging over their belts for the men. The women, for the most part, have perfectly permed hair and way too much make-up. They try to walk on grass and uneven brick pavers in too high spike heels, still attempting to show the world how great their legs look in a miniskirt. The rock concerts were more fun! A much younger crowd, no complaints of "Oh, my back!" as they sat down or stood up, a mix of shaved heads and longish hair on the guys, mostly long straight hair on the girls. The girls who wore spike heels seemed quite adept at navigating uneven pavers and grass alike. Jeans were everwhere, male and female alike. You could sense the shaply legs. You could admire the high firm butts in the tight jeans. But where were the miniskirts? At least many of them had the good sense to wear low cut tops. Their moms would probably say "Too low cut!" but nobody was complaining. As usual, I was equipped with that ultra wide angle lens. I'd meant to pick up some higher speed film but didn't. What the hell! I have a steady hand and can usually get a reasonably sharp hand held shot at 1/4 of a second. I moved in amongst the people right in front of the stage, hoping that my exposures would be made when the pulsating lights were at their brightest. The colored gells on the spots looked like they'd make for some interesting photographs. When this couple suddenly embraced and kissed just a couple of feet in front of me I managed to squeeze off one exposure. I knew I had it! I went and sat down with some friends and enjoyed the show.


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