Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Monkette Ain't Sayin'

Monkette has been acting so strange the last few days. For awhile she seemed just absolutely thrilled that at long last there was a FEMALE candidate on the ballot, and best of all, acording to Monkette, Sarah Palin had a head stuffed with cotton just like her.

Early on in the campaign Monkette had tried to get involved with the national McCain/Palin organization, citing her experience in running the very succesful re-election campaign that she'd staged for North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns. Monkey kept reminding that we were Democrats while McCain and Palin we Republicans. After consulting with a bunch of our friends locally as well as in New York, Washington, DC, and the Boston/Cambridge area, we all persuaded her that with such a high powered brain trust at her beck and call perhaps it would be wise to just follow our advice and sit this one out. Stick with local politics until the next election cycle. The clincher though? Munchies at a Republican campaign party would mean organic bananas. More money and she and all her friends say that they have no flavor.

Now she's telling me to get off the computer. Time to go shoot some pictures of her visiting the polls! No shots of her voting though. She mailed in her absentee ballot days ago, and didn't give a clue as to who she voted for.

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