Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fencing With Chain Link ~ The Crash

(Photo not yet available)

Life is just so exciting when you hear first a crash then the sound of what seems to be a truck dumping a load of scrap metal on your front lawn. All I wanted to do was enjoy my coffee and first cigarette of the day but instead I was running to the front door to see what was happening. By the time I got on the porch what was happening had happened. The chain link fabric was pulled out into the middle of the street, one end still attatched to the remaining standing posts, but long sections of the top rail and several posts were scattered about. Deep ruts crossed my lawn.

Well, I thought, as I dialed the North Miami Police, at least they missed hitting my truck by about ten feet as the veered off the road and they'd managed to stop before they would have crashed into my house. My neighbor from across the street pulled up before the police officer arrived. It seems that Mike was outside and saw the crash and he managed to follow the vehicle, a small black pick-up truck, long enough to get the tag number. The cop's onboard computer thing in her police car ran the tag. It was one of five cars registered at that address, but it wasn't registered to a black pick-up truck. Oh well, I have part of a black bumper as a souvenier, and a bunch of 4X6 color prints of the mess. The insurance adjuster comes tomorrow.

On another track, I'm looking into buying a new computer. Together with the new scanner I'm expecting to have a more exciting blog in the near future.

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