Tuesday, October 21, 2008

After The Destruction Perhaps It's Time For A Change?

I pulled this photo out of my archives because it reminds me of what Google's blogger stite was like yesterday and the day before. I couldn't log on to post, and I didn't understand why I was getting error messages and then directions to go to some nonexistant web site. I exchanged some emails with my buddy Jon Sinish, he researched it, and discovered that a lot of people were having the same problem.

As usual, Jon came up with a "work-around" to bypass the problem. In all likelyhood some young hotshot computer geek had decided to write the code to destroy Google, make it impossible to use at least some of its features, and seemed to be making decent progress at it too! But within a few hours things started getting back to normal as Google's computer geeks got in there and set things straight again. No doubt they also figured out a way to keep the same thing from happening again. Anyway, The Price Of Silver still lives!

This photo was shot for insurance purposes before the big clean-up after Hurricane Wilma. Yup, I also shot a roll of color without me in the photos. That's what was in the Leica that I'm using in my right hand. The location was my ex's back yard. She had power a week before I did so I was going over there every morning for a shower and hot coffee. It pays to stay friendly. I also brought my chain saw over to cut up the downed limbs.

Months later I discovered just how badly I'd screwed up. It seems that if I'd billed her for taking the photos her insurance company would have paid, plus paying me for cutting up the downed branches. In fact I could have gone around both my neighborhood and hers, taking pictures of the hurricane damage, explaining to people that their insurance companies would reimburse them for the expense. Oh well, live and learn.

And the change? I've been mulling over some possible changes to The Price Of Silver. I appreciate your comments and emails, so if you have any suggestions please let me know! Thanks.

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