Thursday, October 30, 2008

Decrepit Old Dude Checking Out The Polls

When I arrived at thge N.M. Chamber of Commerce 84 year old Penney Valentine told me that us elderly 65 or over folk can go to the head of the line and get taken ahead of the youngsters. I guess I'll head around the corner to the library and check it out.

Jon Sinish and my son Jonathan have conspired with one another to pick out and order a new computer for me from some company by the name of Vision Computers. They sell a bunch of brands but also build custon units. The two Jons say that they're the best place to go and I'll get me a 'puter tailor made for surfing the net and posting on forums as well as this blog. I'll also be getting a bigger monitor, a modern flat panel example of the monitor designers' art.

Hopefully I'll get AOL loaded no problem and be up and running without having to find me a sexy young tech geek girlfriend (damn!).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should get monkey a laptop. That would reel in those sexy young geek female types down @ Starbucks.;-)

11:29 AM  

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