Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sneaking A Kiss At The Rock Concert

This past summer was great. Not only did we have the monthly Jazz at MOCA concerts on the last Friday of the month, but we had rock concerts inbetween.

The City of North Miami went overboard when it came to providing quality music. The jazz concerts drew an older audience for the most part, lots of grey hair and beards on the men along with the kinds of ponytails their mother wouldn't let them have back in college. There were also lots of beards and hair sporting that dead giveaway evenly colored black or brown with no grey look that screams "Dye Job!"

The women for the most part had that every-hair-sprayed-in-place look to go with their exquisite manicures, bright red lipstick to match their nails, way too much eye make-up, spike heels and miniskirts, everything they could do to try to relive that twenty-something feeling.

The rock concerts featured good groups, mostly local, attracted a younger crowd. They were at the same time more relaxed and more intense. While some people lounged on blankets on the lawn bunches of them clustered right in front of the stage swaying and dancing to the music. I was intrigued by the by the blue and magenta gels on the spot lights, and the way it illuminated the musicians and the dancers. I managed to get through the crush of people and saw this couple in this embrace. The 15mm lens let me get within a couple of feet of them, leaving no room for anybody to get between me and my subjects.

The long 1/4 second exposure caused a bit of motion blur, but I think that just adds to the feeling of the photo. What I really missed was the smell of burning ganga in the air, but it'd be a stretch to imagine anyone lighting a joint in front of the Museum Of Contemporary Art. It's sandwiched right between the police station and the city hall. Oh, well...

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