Saturday, December 13, 2008

Girl Watching, Fancy Foot Work

Al Olme shot this back about 1969. He made the print and even signed it. (Al, get famous fast so I can sell the print for big bucks and retire in style!)

I have no idea as to where this was taken or why, or who that couple might be. The odd thing is that their hair styles wouldn't look out of place today.

I can imagine the guy with a lot more grey, perhaps balding. The girl would be sixtyish. Likely as not a kid or two would have affected her figure. Or they both might be dead.

A few years later Al moved to Minneapolis. Since then I've spoken with him a few times but haven't seen him. He was a big fan of Minolta cameras back then so this was probably shot with a Minolta ST-101. I was most likely shooting with my Leica M4.

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