Wednesday, January 14, 2009

About That Old Wing Chair...

My folks had purchased this chair shortly after getting married back in 1941. To me it was always "Daddy's Chair". My mother had her chair. When they divorced it was at my grandmother's house for years, but after my father had a stroke in 1970 he moved in with Stephanie and me. His chair followed him to Florida. It's still here in my house, just about exactly where it was when this photo was made.

There were a lot of changes in our culture in the late 1960's and early 1970's. The Civil Rights Movement, the End The War In Vietnam protests, The Women's movement. Equality for everyone! And that of course meant that it was now OK for a woman to photograph a male nude. I found this print, a single weight glossy 8x10 from before the advent of resin coated (RC) paper, hiding in another one of those boxes full of what we now refer to as "vintage prints".

I'm not sure if it was shot by my wife Stephanie or possibly by our friend Louise Dana with one of her Swiss made Alpa cameras. There's nothing written on the back of the print. Louis was at least twenty years older than me, and with me now being sixty-six, I'm not too sure that I could track her down to ask. Or that she'd remember. And ex-wives are ex-wives. It'll have to remain a mystery.

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