Friday, January 16, 2009

All That's New Is The Handicap Parking Sign

The old tag agency is still here! When I was in high school back in the late 50's this also served as the place where you took your driving test, got drivers licenses as well as hunting and fishing licenses, got license tags. did car title transfers, had things notarized, all sorts of things. There was even a driving school here.
Now they sell insurance, transfer titles, are the source of auto tags but the state handles renewals by mail, and you go to a state office to get your good for eight years drivers license. Hunting and fishing licenses you get from Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World about ten miles away, up in Broward County. A royal pain in the ass! Why was I here on this day? To take this photo is why. Then I drove about half a mile up West Dixie Highway to the Sunnyside Cafe, orderd bacon, eggs and grits with white toast, and had a cup of cofee while I read the paper.

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