Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Killing Fields

This little fellow was lying dead on the sidewalk after a recent rain shower. I'm sure that it wasn't the rain that killed it.
When I first moved to Miami the common lizard was the green anole, which could change color to brown depending on the color of what they were sitting on. They're anoles, and not related to the African chamelian.
Over the years the green ones have been replaced by brown Carribean and Bahamian anoles. They snuck into the country in fruit, freight, whatever, but they seem to be better able to survive here than the native ones. They either are better at catching bugs or at eating the young of other species. Even the scientific community isn't sure exactly how many species there are on all the islands, or how many varieties might just be suspecies, or even just varieties! At any rate we like the cut little things, and most of us don't mind having then living in the house. They keep the bugs under control. It beats using poison!

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