Thursday, March 19, 2009

Monkette Told Obama Not To Call Her During The Meeting! (Then her cell phone rang.)

There wasn't much else exciting going on in North Miami the other night so Monkette suggested (more like insisted!) that we should head over to the Griffing Adult Center where the Central North Miami Homeowners Association was holding its monthly meeting. The topic for the evening was to be Mortgage Modification.

I pointed out that our house was paid for, no mortgage! Monkette pointed out that since I was too cheap (I call it parsimonious) to have a TV, and that they always have munchies at the meetings we should go. Then she pointed out that I'm often the only straight guy in a room full of civic minded women...what the hell! "Let's do it!"

Sitting next to us in the black skirt and heels is Michelle Garcia. She's a new appointment to the Board of Adjustment, I've been on that board for about six years, and the black hair above the black floral jumper belonges to Carol Keyes, a real estate attorney who chairs our board. Dang! We were only one person shy of having a quorum if it had been a board meeting!

Michele has been showing up at about everything happening around town these days. She filed to run for the District 3 seat on the City Council. The city election is May 12th so she doesn't have much time. I'm not in her district, but having been to a few meetings with her I can say that she'd have my vote If I could vote for her. We need some new blood on the Council.

And that call that Monkette received during the meeting? It sure put a big smile on her face, but she wouldn't tell me who had called!

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