Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Evil Woman (Not The Song)

Well Robin isn't exactly an Evil Woman. That's a song by The Electric Light Orchestra, really a rock group in case you have visions of an audience filled with women dripping in jewelry and wrapped in fur stoles over their evening gowns, bored husbands in tow, listening to mellow drums acompanying a huge string section, flutes, acoustic piano, etc. No this was a Rock Group without a doubt, who had a big hit with Evil Woman back in 1975, and it's still a popular song.
I'm talking about Robin, a self proclaimed hillbilly from the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. She's not really evil. Persistant perhaps, tenacious without a doubt, and posessive to boot. I'm the object of her desires. She's learned my favorite dishes and become more than adept at making them just the way I like them. When she's out of town she calls me every evening, just "checking up" on me. She knows enough not to rearange piles of junk in my house because she realizes that if she did I'd never be able to find a damned thing.
So when I mentioned last December that I couldn't find a pocket planner the next thing I knew she gave me one! The coffee mugs on the cover reflect our mutual love of the brew, and the two year life span of the planner tells me that she's planning on keeping me around for awhile. Maybe she's not so evil after all.

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