Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Early Voting At The North Miami Public Library

The week before the "official" election dayyou could go to the North Miami Library and be an early voter, no matter what you precinct was. This brought out all the candidates and their supporters, and councilman Michael Blynn had lots of coolers full of cold water handy. He seemed upset that Bonnie Schwartzbaum would be mounting a well planned and executed campaign to unseat him, and plenty of people were wearing their bright yellow Elect Bonnie T-shirts.

But even Monkette was able to fire up the neurons in her cotton filled skull and figure out why there was so much "throw the bums out!" sentiment in the city. The city has allowed its water plants and water mains to fall to a dangerous state of disrepair and the parks are hardly maintained at all. The city council and mayor managed to "find" the money in the budget to give themselves lifetime health insurance, a generous pension, a more than generous expense account, and boost their salaries ten-fold. They did this in violation of the city charter.

Michelle Garcia isn't running for Michaels seat. She's in another district. She's been doing her homework and understands the problems the city faces. The first time Monkette met her she was impressed and decided to back her on her bid for a council seat, spending hours in the hot sun campaigning.


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