Monday, May 11, 2009

The Home Stretch, The Final Debate

Tomorrow is Tuesday, the "official" Election Day and Monkette said "Let's run a picture from the debate at Johnson and Wales University. We need something with a Frank Wolland T-shirt, and hopefully something showing Frank!"

I pointed out that we'd just run some debate pictures. "LISTEN, BLOCKHEAD!" she screamed, "A photo of the rear of the school's photographer showing off her miniskirted legs isn't exactly what I had in mind!" Never argue with a toy monkey! Monkette always wins! We started going through the photos. Suddenly she said "That one! That's the one. It shows the crowd, it shows the row of candidates seated on the stage, it makes the room look good, Frank is facing the camera, and right in front of the camera is that guy wearing a Frank Wolland T-shirt! He's about the only one in the room wearing any candidate's T-shirt! PERFECT!"

I scanned the photo, I posted the photo. Monkette was peeling a banana. I could smell the banana. I wanted one of her bananas! I had no choice...

I knew that Frank's campaign people had come up with a set of six cards about the issues he considers some of the most pressing concerns facing the city these days and that seemed an ideal way to finish off the pre-election coverage of Frank's run for North Miami mayor. A few quick emails to his office and we had permission to scan them and run them on thepriceofsilver. That saved a lot of work! We might even be able to get some sleep tonight.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow! Monkette is also endorsing Carol Besade Preger for City Clerk, Michelle Garcia for City Council District 3, but most of all Bonnie Schwartzbaum in District 2. Bonnie is the only candidate in this election cycle to not only invite Monkette to all of her parties but also to make sure that there was plenty of fresh fruit and lots of tasty bananas along with the usual cholesterol laden munchies one might expect to find at a campaign party.

Now get out there in vote!


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