Saturday, May 09, 2009

Part One ~ Getting Beat Up In North Miami

Scroll down a post or two for the other half of this story. Anyway, after I got beat up I felt about the way this cute little lizard must have felt just before he died.

I'd already had enough bullshit with the neighbor at 1375 N.E. 133rd Street and suddenly I'm hearing loud noises from the front yard. There was a well drilling truck up on the grass starting to dig a well in the middle of his front yard. I didn't see any permit displayed. I got my camera and went out on PUBLIC PROPERTY, the street itself, and started to photograph the scene. I have a perfectly legal right to take pictures from the public street. The concept has made it's way through the courts. I was not breaking any law.

The driller didn't want to be photographed drilling that hole! He was breaking the law. He started screaming and cursing at me, ran out into the street throwing punches at me, knocking me to the ground, kneeling on my stomach so I could barely breath while he continued to pummel me with his fists. Somehow I managed to speed dial the North Miami Police. The dumb fuck dispatcher wants to ask me a million questions before she'll send a unit over. I'm laying there on the ground, the guy is punching me, trying to grab the phone, and screaming at me. This bitch is telling me to slow down and speak clearly? What is he wearing? Can you describe him to me? Yeah, right!

Well finally the neighbor himself drags the well contactor off of me just as the cops and a rescue truck show up.

Now the GOOD PART! Our wonderful cops inform me that they can't do anything because THEY DIDN'T SEE IT HAPPENING. They would have if their response time was timely. No, they asked the guy for the usual "Drivers License, Registration, and Insurance". He didn't have any of them with him, No I.D. at all. They let him drive off as the rescue guys were checking my vital signs.

Imagine a black teenager saying "Sorry Officer! I don't have my drivers license, registration, and insurance card with me". Hell,imagine YOURSELF saying it. Those cops could have done something more than just tell the guy to carry those documents in the future. Did the license tags match the vehicle? Was he drunk? Was he stoned? Carrying drugs? What if I'd died a day or two later as a result of internal bleeding or a concussion? I guess North Miami's Finest are here to protect and serve the criminals? That's why I pay taxes? That's why I'm pissed! Yes, I still have pain in my arm, shoulder and neck but "We didn't see it happening"? I guess the cops see all the murders first hand, right!


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