Tuesday, May 05, 2009

T-SHIRT CENTRAL ~ Elect Bonnie Schwartzbaum

Piles of shirts everywhere! Bright yellow T-shirts and a more sedate shade for the golf shirts. If it wasn't for the "But they're ALL yellow!" color acheme of the piles of shirts all over the place (and the nice furniture) you could almost visualize a scene from a church rummage sale.

Back in the good days running a succesful campaign in North Miami usually involved hiring a high priced political consultant to formulate and map out strategy, write and send out press releases, all that good stuff. Bonnie's drive and enthusiasm seems to infect her supporters and volunteers in a big way. Between her carefully mapped out plan of action and their unbridled energy things seemed to be very much under control. I got the feeling that if Bonnie had been in charge of the invasion of Iraq the Sunnis would be partying with the Shiites, the Kurds would be happy campers, and our troops would have been home months ago (and probably wearing yellow T-shirts)!

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